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Costa Rica is the Central American state forming the land-bridge between North and South America and it has a surprising diversity of terrain. In the cities and towns, the country’s Spanish heritage provides the main features of interest. Elsewhere, Costa Rica’s national parks are its greatest glory.

San José

The capital was founded in 1737 and is a pleasant mixture of traditional and modern Spanish architecture. Places of interest include the Teatro Nacional, the Legislative Assembly building, and the Parque Central, east of which is the Cathedral. The National Museum and the Museum of Gold are also worth a visit. There are numerous other parks in the city, including the Parque Nacional, the Parque Bolivar and the Parque Morazán.

San José is a good centre for excursions into the beautiful Meseta Central region. The nearby town of Cartago was founded in 1563, but there are no old buildings as earthquakes destroyed the town in 1841 and 1910. However, some of the reconstruction was in the colonial style. Excursions can be made from here to the crater of Irazú and to the beautiful valley of Orosi, with its colonial church.

San Jose Downtown

Very early, within the drowsiness of the dawn and the growing murmur of the first by-passers, this small city awakens indulged in laziness after a night of great food, drinking, and fun. The exquisite smell of fresh bread and recently brewed coffee from the highlands fill up the air surrounding coffee shops and sodas, meanwhile the rumor of fast-paced steps, car motors and horns increases even more.

Due to its small size, friendly and charming San Jose, or Chepe as known affectionately by the ticos is worth to be checked by foot. Not so long ago, the Central Avenue was closed to vehicle traffic and embellished with stone paving and gardens, so the tourists and locals as well could walk by in comfort or just sit down to enjoy the passing-by of the crowd.

In short, Downtown San Jose is a small, great city, with a little of everything for everyone and everybody, and everything within walking distance.


If you ever need some magic potion for luck or love, or want to cast a spell on someone, you will have to look around Escazú. This is more of a legend than a reality. Actually, Escazú has become a major commerce and entertaining area, with beautiful hotels and fabulous restaurants. Its residential zones are ample and highly priced. Located in the skirts of the mountain, you just need to go up a few meters to enjoy a breathtaking view of the whole city.

Escazú is also known for being the area where the greatest North American Colony has found a place to live, in the middle of affectionate and gentle people.

Santa Ana

Heading West from Escazú a few kilometers on the same road, you will find the very impressive Santa Ana Valley. Its marvelous weather has helped to turn this zone into in a highly developed area in very short time. Many residents from the more dense areas, tired of the noise and turmoil have moved over to Santa Ana in a quest for tranquillity and warmth.

The main produce of this region are onions and other vegetables. There is a flourishing pottery industry as well.

Montes de Oca

The district of the youth and culture. The University City Rodrigo Facio, the Alma Mater: The University of Costa Rica is located in its main urban zone, San Pedro. This turns this area into the preferred place for students and intellectuals. There are small cafés and bars of moderate price around the University and student boarding houses. Bed and Breakfast and apartment hotels are near to lodge the tourists. This is a very traditional commerce area of malls, restaurants and entertainment.

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