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Maids in Costa Rica (Domestic Help)

Reliable maids can be difficult to find. Some expatriates are employing part-time maids instead of full-time, live-in employees. It is common practice to employ one person to do the cleaning and cooking for a family.

One of the great things about living in Costa Rica is that you can afford to have a maid and/or a gardener for very little money. By law, you must pay your maid US$ 140 per month, plus food and lodging. In return she must only work 12 hours per day (up to 16 hours if you pay overtime). You must give her 1 hour off each day, to coincide with a meal time. You also must give her 1 half day off per week, a half day off on holidays and 15 days of paid vacation per year. Maids are entitled to severance pay when they are dismissed.

You should also enroll her in the Costa Rica Social Security system, so you would deduct 9% of her salary for this tax, but you must also pay 11% to the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (the Social Security system). Full-time and part-time domestic employees are entitled to illness and maternity benefits of the "Caja". They are also covered under a Disability/Old Age Retirement Plan. This is a compulsory program and in theory is funded through contributions by both the employer and employee. In fact, the employer generally pays the worker’s share as well.

Some people also employ a day labourer on a part-time basis to do heavy work in the home, such as waxing floors and washing windows. Local gardeners also can be hired for reasonable prices, and most have their own equipment.

For those who do not want a live-in maid, or who cannot find one, a guard or house sitter is necessary whenever the entire family is away from the house, as this would deter any would-be robbers.





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